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  T. Barton Exotic Gemstones : High-end colored gemstones and fine metal works. About Us : T. Barton Exotic Gemstones

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Who are T. Barton Exotic Gemstones?
Black Opal
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Who are T. Barton Exotic Gemstones?

T. Barton Exotic Gemstones is a destination as well as a journey. We hope you will find us to be a source for beautiful and unique colored stones, and a means to turn those stones into a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Toby is a passionate collector of semi-precious and precious stones from around the world. He has many years of training, experience, and an eye for quality.

Toby is joined by Ric, a craftsman and a jeweler with over 40 years experience in stone setting, lost-wax casting, and fabrication. Together, they produce settings for these unique stones that protect and display them to their fullest.

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