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Linda In Memoriam with Gratitude

Remembering Linda Ann Blum-Barton

Remembering Linda Ann Blum-Barton
Linda Ann Blum Barton
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1956 - 2022

Linda Blum-Barton, 66, of Greenville, passed away Monday, November 28, 2022, at her home.

Born in Griffin, GA, she was a daughter of the late William Wesley and Mildred McLean Blum. She was a career draft person, owned and operated A Familv Affair with her husband. She was also an enthusiastic genealogist, gemologist, political activist, and

a board member Friends of Historic Woolsey.

Countless Thanksgivings

bring memories of days gone by

and blessed my journey till today.

Most, were thankful images

of the many pilgrims wandering

their winding way through time

to Fayette's holy ground,

those who made me who I am.

But few of those Thanksgivings

stand out as unforgettable to me,

like the birth of my first,

or this Thanksgiving Morn

when clearly in a dawning dream

came the name of a quiet one

seeking not fame or acclaim.

My first images of this child

who from good beginnings came,

loving mother, doting father,

a small girl at sister's knee.

Little eyes busily scan her milieu

signaling a singular curiosity,

about her world, folks and things,

the gifts of her loving Creator.

She's a storyteller at heart and core,

nurtured by caring forebears.

The narrative she's written,

filled with a depth of causes

looking to a time of justice for all,

is shaped of real experience,

the joys and pains of her life.

Her gift of breathing breath,

And pulsing heartbeats in artifacts,

lost in the passage of time,

enrich our history with

the common blood

of universal beginnings.

Her name is Linda!

Richard McLean, 24 November 2022

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