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  T. Barton Exotic Gemstones : High-end colored gemstones and fine metal works. Stones: Precious and Semi

All our stones are precious: that is to say, valuable and desirable.


A Bit of Information About Our Loose Stones

NOTE: Items on this page may not be in stock!

Below you will find some examples of the sort of stones we deal in. 'Tis is not an exhaustive list; just a sample.

We deal in high-quality natural stones, and if we know it has been treated in some way: heating, for example, we will disclose that fact.

A disclaimer: the web, and your computer monitor, may not render colors accurately.

Also, to reiterate, just because you see a stone on this page does not mean we still have it! We will do our best to take down a stone that has been sold. We can often find something similar in color and quality, tho, so don't despair.

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