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Earring Set

Lost wax process, 18k red gold

Cast and fabricated 18K red gold earrings with jasper cabochons, heart shaped faceted yellow beryl and round red faceted sunstone.

Weight of settings: 11.7 grams.

Stone info:

1 matched pair, Heliodore (yellow Beryl) Hearts. Brazil, 3.5ctw

1 matched pair, Oregon Sunstone. USA, .90ctw

1 matched pair, Maligano Jasper. North Africa, 22.50ctw

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A Home by a Pond Secondary Image
Sketch and start of wax

A Home by a Pond

White gold pendant with stones

This piece was developed for a client with specific images in mind.

Images of the family home, positioned by their pond in their midwest corn farm made up elements of the finished product.

A concept drawing was offered and approved.

Created using the lost-wax process, the wax model was begun, refined, and cast in 14K white gold.

Integral pin hinge and spiral clasp hold a 14K yellow pin make this a versatile piece.

The pin/pendant incorporates ancient Amber, Spessartite, and two Tsavorite [more...]

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